Oil trucks are synonymous with the mining and construction business. Used in transporting and delivering oil they come in handy in maintenance operations. However, they have their drawbacks. Immediate maintenance needs specialized equipment and tools. And oil trucks no not have them, moreover they can not withstand the harsh condition present in the mines and construction sites. The fuel lube trucks offer numerous opportunities in this regard. The lube skids are self-contained and are easily moveable from one truck to another. Apart from delivering fuel they offer a variety of onsite maintenance solutions. If you have a fleet to maintain then perhaps you should look for fuel lube trucks for sale. Following are some of the other benefits and advantages that lube trucks offer –



  • Economical and Efficient

Keeping the company vehicles in their top condition is a necessity, especially when you are into mining or construction. Many companies have to opt for fuelling their vehicle at retail locations. This is time-consuming, expensive and inefficient. By incorporating any fuel lube trucks for sale as part of your fleet, you can bring in efficiency in the entire operation.


  • Works in all types of climates and conditions

The conditions in mines and construction sites are harsh. It requires vehicles with heavy built quality to withstand these harsh conditions. The fuel lube trucks are all weathers solution that can operate efficiently in all weather conditions.


  • Versality

Unlike the oil trucks, the fuel trucks are versatile. They can be used to pick up and store diesel fuel, hydraulic fuel and wiper fluids. Incorporating fuel lube trucks for sale to your fleet allows on-site fuelling with ever depending upon external fillers.


  • DOT approved

The fuel trucks come DOT approved. Meaning they can be driven on all roadways. This gives your fleet of vehicles more mobility. You can fuel your vehicles at any location. Also, parking at different sites does not require any additional permission.


  • A Wide Range of Tools

The Fuel trucks are equipped with a wide range of tools and filters. They are designed to have a separate storage area for keeping the different tools. The anti-freeze and heating capability allow fuelling even in extremely harsh conditions.


  • Billboard on wheels

The additional space in the sides can easily hold any company banner while you make long-distance travel. This fills in as a promotional billboard on wheel featuring your own company banner.

So, the lube truck tanks, with their additional storage areas, tools and anti-freezing capability are certainly more than normal oil trucks. Incorporating these vehicles into your fleet not only gives you extra mobility but also time-saving and economical.