The use of mobile lube skids has gained in popularity, and the demand for the skids has increased for several reasons. Also, the cost of the standard and customized lube oil skids have gone down substantially that has contributed to the increase of the demand further. More business owners are now purchasing lube skid for adding capabilities to the maintenance and for improving operational efficiency.


Why use lube skids?


Use of lube skids can help to streamline several operational issues without wasting money, effort or time. Use of customized lube skids or even used lube skids can be a low-cost alternative to buying a costly lube truck.  The return of the investment can be very high with the multiple benefits that the lube skids provide and a few benefits are discussed here-under.


Benefits of using lube skids:


  • The flexibility of use:


One of the most significant advantages of using lube skids is that it has a high degree of versatility to offer. The lube skids can be easily added to various types of trucks, or it can be mounted suitably on trailers to carry to the desired spot easily. Also, the compact size of a lube skid make it easily accessible to a forklift truck and also it can be lifted with slings easily to an exact location. Since the maneuverability of the lube skids is easy, it is suitable for movement even in a small space.


  • It can save cost and time:


Lube skids are often accompanied by products tanks as well as waste tanks to service the equipment as per the need. , and you do not need to keep separate area dedicated for storage of fuel oils. The in house service team can efficiently do all the work, and you do not need to hire external services for maintenance. Time availability of lube oil for replacement in the machines can also save breakdown thus saving a lot of time and cost too.


  • Lube skids make the task of maintenance team very easy:


Lube skids are frequently used for preventive maintenance and for fueling the During emergency maintenance, the availability of oil skid tanks can be beneficial to keep the machines running. Also, it can help the maintenance team to schedule preventive maintenance properly with proper coordination between production and maintenance. With the availability of lube skids, it is also possible to provide services to other nearby facilities.


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